Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Teen's Fear

By B McIntosh & S Hield

Elaine walked excitedly to the place where she and Dawn usually met to walk to school. After a long summer apart she was eager to see her best friend. Dawn had stayed home for most of the summer whereas Elaine had spent the entire summer in Florida with family. Although she and Dawn had emailed each other every day it just wasn't the same.

Elaine arrived a few minutes early and waited for Dawn. She pulled out a little gift she'd had specially made for Dawn. It was a little plaque that read "Dawn and Elaine, Friends through thick and thin." As Elaine looked up she saw Dawn approaching.

"Dawn?" she said questioningly, her eyes popping open in amazement.

"What? Forgot how I looked already?" Dawn replied hugging her friend as if nothing was wrong.

Lainie returned the hug but questioned Dawn, "What happened to you?"

"What are you talking about Lainie?" Dawn asked. "Nothing's happened to me."

"Dawn you look as if you've lost twenty pounds. Missed me that much? She teased although still worried.

"Don't be silly Lainie!" Dawn laughed nervously. It isn't that much.

"Is everything alright Dawn? Elaine asked seriously.

"Yes Elaine, Dawn answered in a long suffering voice.

"You'd tell me if it wasn't?

"Of course! Now can we please change the subject? How was your vacation?

"It was the best, except I missed you."

Elaine handed Dawn the gift. Dawn read the words as they walked.
"I really mean it Dawn, Elaine said. I hope you trust me enough to tell me if something is wrong."
"Thanks Lainie Dawn said, sounding as if she was holding back tears. "I just can't talk about it right now. "

"So something is wrong! I knew it! What is it?"

"Please not now Lainie Dawn said. If I talk about it I'm going to cry and I can't go to school on the first day with red eyes."

"Okay, okay, I'll back off, for now. How is Mrs. T (Elaine name for Dawn's mother) doing? You mentioned in one of your emails that she wasn't feeling well.

"At that question Dawn burst into tears while an astonished Lainie looked on not knowing what to do.

(What is Dawn upset about? Stay tuned for the next installment to this new chapter in the lives of Dawn and Elaine.)

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